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Photo by mthipsorn/iStock / Getty Images

Aircraft Maintenance

All of the scheduled and nonscheduled maintenance will be tracked, scheduled and recorded to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft. Airworthiness Directives and Manufacture’s Service Bulletins will be complied with. Recurring Airworthiness Directives will be tracked, scheduled and complied with.

The Flight Crew 

The flight crew will be currently trained and qualified by Flight Safety International. Within the previous 12 months the crew flying your aircraft will have attended recurrent training and qualification in the same make and model of aircraft they are flying for you.

Cost and Expense Tracking


Aircraft Insurance


Aircraft Operations

Aircraft Charter

Each month you will receive a cost analysis showing the cost of aircraft operations, not limited to but including fuel, insurance, maintenance, crew expenses and salaries, travel expenses (hotels, rental cars etc.), hangar, ramp and landing fees, detailing expenses, and of course management fees. These costs will be provided to you so you will always be able to accurately plan your travel expenses no matter where you are traveling to.

Insurance will be shopped for the best coverage for the price. Multiple aircraft, crew training and experience, maintenance compliance and track record will provide us with the best insurance coverage available.

One phone call is all that is required on your part, giving us the details of the trip. Times, destinations, number of passengers, catering requests, hotel and ground transportation requirements. We take care of the rest. The aircraft will be positioned at least 30 minutes prior to your expected departure time, flight plans filed, fueled and ready for an on time departure. You drive to the aircraft and we will load your baggage and belongings. All required security checks and advanced passenger information requirements will have been taken care of by the time you arrive. How can it get any easier than that? Upon arrival your ground transportation will be awaiting our arrival. If it is a rental car the ground handlers usually drive the car to the aircraft. Anything we can do to make the trip easier and more luxurious is exactly what we do.

You may decide to offset some of the cost of aircraft ownership by allowing your aircraft to be chartered when you are not using it. This is not generally a big money making deal unless you look at the costs of aircraft ownership that are ongoing while the aircraft is not being use. Some of these costs are insurance, maintenance items that are required by calendar as opposed to flight hours.

Costs of hangar, flight crews and crew training are expenses that have to be paid whether the aircraft flies or sits. The more hours put on an aircraft the less it costs per hour to operate. With this in mind it may make sense to offer your aircraft for charter, but definitely not in place of your aircraft needs. Your use will allow you to promote your business or time off in ways that will maximize the effective use of your time like nothing else. It will put the world at your fingertips.