Hawker 1000

Features Overview

Known for its reliable performance and intercontinental capabilities, the Hawker 1000 is one of the most economically priced super-midsize private jets available. Its spacious cabin gives up to nine passengers enough room to work or relax while enjoying a smooth and quiet ride. With a range of 3,530 miles (3,098 nm) and speeds up to 495 mph, the Hawker 1000 will go just about anywhere you want. Coast to Coast, California to Hawaii, or New York to Europe, most popular destinations can be reached non-stop.

Hawker 1000 Interior 1.jpg

cabin seating and features

Our Hawker 1000 features seven plush leather club seats with collapsible workstation/dining tables at each. With a cabin height of 5'8", width of 6.0' and length of 24.4 feet, passengers can move about with ease. The cabin also features a Galley, in-flight digital screens, and Wi-Fi for maximum passenger entertainment. 

Hawker Bench N#2.jpg

additional features

The bench style seat is in addition to the seven club seats and can accommodate two adult size passengers. In the rear of the airplane there is enough cargo space to accommodate 10.3 bags (each less than or equal to 5 cubic feet) and a fully enclosed lavatory.