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Your Personal Airline...

1. When you charter an aircraft the treatment is far beyond first class.

2. The aircraft will never leave until you have arrived, there is no time press. If you need extra time to complete your business or get stuck in traffic, we will wait for you. Try to get an airline to do that!

3. If you are traveling during meal time, we will provide catering. Tell us what you like and it will be there. Additionally, there are always snacks and beverages on board.


5. You will only travel with the people you want to be with; if you want to have business discussions that are sensitive , then the environment in the private aircraft is conducive to do so comfortably.

6. Upon request we will arrange transportation services to be ready and parked plane-side upon your arrival. 

7. We are an "on demand" service. We can quickly dispatch same day trips. 

8. The charter coordinator and pilot will be who you communicate with directly.  You are always a phone call, email or text away from a live person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.